A Tweeter’s Guide to Using #Hashtags Appropriately

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“Open Happiness. #ResolutionWorthKeeping #Happy2014″

That was Coca-Cola’s first tweet of 2014. It had all the basic components of a successful social marketing tool: The company’s slogan as a brand reminder, two hashtags to inspire users to participate in the campaign, and a photo of someone enjoying the product. Though web users are still an intensely visual-based group (all of us included), the most important parts of that tweet were actually its #hashtags.

If you’re annoyed with hashtags by now, it’s understandable. Plenty of multinational companies — as well as tiny small businesses — overuse them, stuffing 140 characters’ worth of content with what seems like 139 hashtags. But hashtags, when they’re used correctly, can be the most successful marketing tool of all. The numbers back it u

Why It Doesn’t Matter That Social Signals Don’t Affect Search Algorithms

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If you’re part of the multitudes of web users who hang on every word uttered by Matt Cutts, Google’s go-to guy and authority on all things algorithms, you probably know about his latest musings on social media’s role in SEO (specifically, professional SEO packages). Cutts posited recently that social signals from Facebook and Twitter play absolutely no role in the way search engines rank websites, effectively raising the question — how important is social media in SEO marketing?

The answer, of course, is: very. And the more you know about search engine optimization, the more you understand why.

Cutts is asserting that no matter how many likes a company gets on Facebook, no matter how many followers it amasses on Twitter, no matter how many charming photos and videos it posts to

Three Key SEO Tips Every Business Should Know

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Did you know that nearly 93% of all users begin their internet sessions by visiting a search engine? It shouldn’t surprise you, given how Google has become a household name — not to mention its own verb. By extension, it shouldn’t surprise you, either, to learn that web-based marketing has also become the norm when it comes to giving businesses a boost of visibility. After all, that’s where 93% of all the eyeballs are pointed.

It’s known as SEO, or search engine optimization, and it’s what a business needs to survive in the digital age. The saying that tends to get thrown around a lot is, “Without a website, you don’t exist.” But today, a more appropriate and accurate statement would be, “Without SEO, no one is going to know you exist.” That’s because SEO relies on a constant stream of high-quality,