Why It Doesn’t Matter That Social Signals Don’t Affect Search Algorithms

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If you’re part of the multitudes of web users who hang on every word uttered by Matt Cutts, Google’s go-to guy and authority on all things algorithms, you probably know about his latest musings on social media’s role in SEO (specifically, professional SEO packages). Cutts posited recently that social signals from Facebook and Twitter play absolutely no role in the way search engines rank websites, effectively raising the question — how important is social media in SEO marketing?

The answer, of course, is: very. And the more you know about search engine optimization, the more you understand why.

Cutts is asserting that no matter how many likes a company gets on Facebook, no matter how many followers it amasses on Twitter, no matter how many charming photos and videos it posts to

What the Three Latest SEO Updates Mean for Your Business

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How did you find this article? Chances are, if you’re like 93% of all web users, you began this very internet session with a visit to a search engine. That’s where you may have found this little post nestled safely in the search rankings alongside scores of other SEO-centric writings that permeate the web today.

SEO tips and tricks. SEO pricing options. SEO marketing plans. Why is the web full of so much content about SEO? After all, isn’t the web changing at such a drastic pace that SEO is in danger of becoming outdated any day now?

The short answer is absolutely not. While it’s true that the internet is completely dynamic and constantly shifting its shape, so is SEO. In fact, modern SEO techniques are totally different today than they were even a year or two ago. The more you know about search engine optimi

Four Tips for Bolstering Your SEO Campaign in 2014

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Last year, consumers spent a staggering $1.2 billion online during Black Friday alone. That total represented a 15% increase from the year before and serves as a reminder to businesses that having a strong web presence is vital for success in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. In the same way that consumer habits are changing, so too should the way businesses market themselves and work to build a more visible brand. Perhaps the best method of doing that is building a comprehensive SEO marketing program. But what worked last year for building a great small business SEO website might not work in the years ahead. Here are a few great tips for optimizing your content for SEO purposes in 2014.

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