Offer Your Clients More: Become a SEO Reseller

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Becoming a SEO reseller can be a great way to make extra money for people in many different professional fields from website design to public relations, Internet technology and advertising. People in all of these fields have one thing in common: they have clients who need to have a great Internet presence. This commonality makes them an ideal candidate for becoming a SEO reseller.

As a SEO reseller, you can resell search engine optimization services to your clients and profit from the sales without having to do any of the search engine optimization work. If this sounds too good to be true as it is, just wait; becoming a SEO reseller gets even better from here.

As a SEO reseller, you would work with a search engine optimization firm that specializes in making your client’s website rank well in Internet search result pages. As both you and your clients know, a strong Internet presence is highly important for business in the modern world. More people have access to the Internet today than ever before. Many people use the Internet to buy goods and services and to make decisions regarding what to buy and who to buy from.

If your client’s website fails to appear on the first page of search engine results when people search for anything related to your client’s business, then they are not reaching their full potential as a company. As a SEO reseller, you can provide the services your clients need in order to reach the front page of these search results.

As a professional in your field, you most likely do not have the time to become an expert in an unrelated field, such as search engine optimization. While it is true that most intelligent individuals are capable of learning how to optimize websites for search engines, do you really have that kind of time? As a SEO reseller, you will never have to bother with learning how to properly execute search engine optimization.

If you have spent years developing a reputation and trust with the clients in your area, you might be hesitant about inviting an outside firm to work with you and your clients. But, as a SEO reseller, the search engine optimization firm you choose to work with will have no contact or communication with your client if you so choose. Your client never even has to know that you are working with a third party search engine optimization firm.

Perhaps the best part about being a SEO reseller is that you have the option of charging your clients any rate your like for the search engine optimization services you provide to them. It is not uncommon for a SEO reseller to markup the cost of SEO services to their clients by 400% to 500%. As a SEO reseller, you can make a substantial addition to your revenue and offer new services to your clients without any risk.

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